About Us

The challenges practitioners face during eDiscovery or a government investigation are complex. Add to this the language barrier and the nuances found in written Japanese, a language based on thousands of Chinese characters. It is not unrealistic that a Japanese company may need to review hundreds of gigs of long chain emails, hundred-page excel spreadsheets, laboratory manuals, financial reports, ect.

What separates our company is simple: Japanese Doc Review was founded by Professionals who not only are fluent in Japanese, but have spent thousands of hours actually conducting the Japanese review. Our team has experience in:


Pharmaceutical                                                   Government investigation

LIBOR                                                                    Anti-Trust

Class action                                                         Products Liability

Intellectual Property                                             Autoparts

LCD                                                                        Mass Torts

Securities                                                             Automotive

Hart-Scott-Rodino Act Merger Review


Our mission is to instill confidence. We understand document review is a single component of a multi-stage process during the pre-trial phase of eDiscovery. This is why our niche focus empowers law firms and their litigation support staff with the confidence and resources to know that the staffing agency utilized has the linguistic and domain experience to adequately assemble a Japanese team.


Jonathan Hiroshi Rossi 

Jonathan is the Founder and CEO of JapaneseDocReview.com.  Growing up in Japan and in the US, he spent his last year of law school studying Japanese law at Temple University’s Japan campus in Tokyo.  He continues to work with Japanese companies in the consumer technology and social networking space, where he negotiated and structured a joint venture on behalf of his company.  Jonathan has an extensive academic and business network among Japanese speaking attorneys, translators and technologists.  Prior to law school, he worked in Washington, DC on Capitol Hill and in Government Affairs, while also completing a Public Policy Fellowship with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute (CHCI). As an undergraduate at UC Berkeley, he moved to Japan to study Economics and Politics at Meiji Gakuin University (Tokyo), taking courses in Japanese and English.

Jonathan is a serial entrepreneur.  JapaneseDocReview.com is his third company.  To fully grasp the nuances of a Japanese eDiscovery and traditional linear review, he has also worked on numerous Japanese Document Review projects from start to finish at various law firms.  Besides Japanese, Jonathan speaks Spanish and hopes to regain his fluency in Italian, a language he spoke as a child.  He has a passion for world languages, cinema, travel, and startups.

Jonathan graduated from UC Hastings law school in San Francisco and UC Berkeley.

He can be reached via email:  jonathan (at) JapaneseDocReview.com



Laurence Koike

Laurence serves as a Senior Advisor and strategic partner to Japanese Doc Review.  He was born in Japan to a Japanese mother and part English part Japanese father.  Laurence was educated mainly in the Western traditional style, where he attended the London Academy, specializing in Math and Physics.  After graduating with a double major in Mathematics and Sociology from Sophia University in Japan, he spent the next 25 years in the United States with International Companies, mostly with Japanese Companies and mostly in Management.  He has worked with Tokai-Rika (subsidiary of Toyota), Hitachi Technical Research, Fuji Research Institute, ANA System Planning, JAL, among many others.

He obtained a deep understanding of the Japanese business culture and will help establish our company’s relationships with key decision-makers in Japanese companies.

In October of 2000, he decided to break away from the corporate life and established his own company as a Human Resources Consultant helping both Japanese and American Companies.  He continues to utilize the experiences and the skills he gained in order to help build the bridge to communicate better among all people.


Why JapaneseDocReview?

Our partners can depend on our network of expert Japanese professionals.  Clients knows that when a matter contains a large corpus of electronically stored information (ESI) in Japanese, there is no other US-based agency fluent in Japanese with the first-hand experience.  JapaneseDocReview fills the void that exists in the Japanese language staffing industry.  No other agency placing Japanese specialists has the first-hand experience.



To inspire confidence in our partners unwavering service to their Japanese clients.


Philosophy and vision

 “To help all people achieve their highest potential and communicate effectively through dignity and respect”